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After having spent three decades in the industry, Earth Electric has built a solid reputation for quality work. We have a skilled team to help both residential and commercial clients with electrical maintenance, repair and services work. With the aim to provide you with superior quality work, we put in extra efforts to surpass your expectations. Please read the reviews to know more about the quality of our work. 

Quality Workmanship

"Integrity, trust, value and quality workmanship. These are the qualities important to me when selecting a service provider for my home renovation.

My family is growing and we decided to add additional living space by finishing our basement. My first electrician scoped the project and promised a quote within a few days. After calling him twice, I finally received my quote a week later. He also made several suggestions for other small pieces of work I asked about.

Then I met Les. He asked what I wanted, and completed a quote on the spot. He also questioned the suggestions I received from the first electrician, stating better ways to achieve my wishes. His quote was considerably less, so he began the project. We then noted he and his colleague:

Were always prompt, stuck to their time commitments, efficient and clean.

Confirmed with us first before deviating from the plan. Changes were always for the better at no extra cost.

Completed at least 3 “extra’s” above and beyond his commitment at no extra cost – this is true vale-add.

Were always very respectful and fun to work with.

You owe it to yourself to share just a few minutes with Les and hear his opinion to compare with others. As a consumer, it isn’t often we come across such a winner! Les is a gem."

- EK

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